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All students in an Information and Library Science graduate program at SCSU are required to complete a "special project" in lieu of a thesis. The project may be completed in connection with a course being taken or it may be completed as an independent study, field project, or outside of course credit. The special project, along with a narrative paper described below, must be approved by the course instructor or advisor and submitted on CD-ROM to the ILS office prior to graduation.

Each special project file must include the following:

The Special Project requirement has been fulfilled in connection with my project for ILS 680 Evaluation and Research, the details of which are documented elsewhere on this website. In the process of completing this project—an examination of several Connecticut public library websites and the assigning of a score based on how many "Library 2.0" features were implemented out of a given set—a number of concepts and skills were applied which had been acquired in ILS 680 and previous classes in the M.L.S. program:

No supporting documents exist yet for the ILS 680 project, as it has not been published nor submitted for review outside of the classroom. A brief follow-up survey was posted to Conntech, a state-wide listserv mainly devoted to technical issues, and the results, which were posted back to the list, were at least as illuminating as the objective website survey.