Courses Taken

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Spring 2006 ILS 501 Introduction to Technology
ILS 503 Foundations of Librarianship
Summer 2006 ILS 561 Public Libraries
Fall 2006 ILS 506 Information Analysis and Organization
ILS 518 History of Books and Printing
Spring 2007 ILS 504 Reference and Information Resources and Services
Summer 2007 ILS 655 Digital Libraries
Fall 2007 ILS 565 Library Management
Spring 2008 ILS 532 User-Centered Database Design and Development
Summer 2008 ILS 575 Instructional Design Principles
Fall 2008 ILS 680 Evaluation and Research
Spring 2009 ILS 535 Resource Sharing and Library Networks

Most of the coursework included in these pages is in the form of PDFs (Portable Document Format). You can download a free PDF reader from Adobe (the "official" PDF reader) or from Foxit (a smaller app).