Core Competencies: Foundations of the Profession

Objectives & Competencies


  • ILS 503: Through lectures, readings, discussions, case studies, and assignments, we examined the history and philosophies of public, academic, school, and special libraries, and the issues they face today. Topics included codes of ethics, copyright in the digital age, censorship, intellectual freedom, the Library Bill of Rights, sections 215 and 216 of the USA PATRIOT Act as they pertain to libraries, the role of professional organizations, national and international social, public, information, economic, and cultural policies and trends of significance to the library and information profession, and more, with the goal of gaining an understanding of the past, present, and future of the profession.
  • ILS 518: The goal of this course is to give the student a general background for understanding the history of the book, achieved through assigned readings, lectures, and discussion questions.
  • ILS 518:To examine how changes in the technologies of writing, and then printing, affected libraries and their patrons. (self-assigned objective)
  • ILS 532, ILS 575, ILS 680: Analyze a complex problem and create an appropriate solution.
  • ILS 561: Knowledge of the governance, operations, and management of public libraries, including their organizational culture and the role of state library agencies, the federal government, professional associations, trustees, and others, in developing, maintaining, and enforcing public library standards
  • ILS 561: An understanding of public and private sources of funding, resource allocation and budgeting, and the political environment in which public libraries exist
  • All: Effective verbal and written communication techniques

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