This website documents my studies and achievements in the Master of Library Science degree program at Southern Connecticut State University, a program that has been accredited by the American Library Association since 1972. More than just a catalog of the classes I've taken and the assignments I've completed, my portfolio also includes personal reflections on my program and its relevance to my personal goals and aspirations as a professional librarian.

The classes I have completed are first presented chronologically on the Courses Taken page.

Core Competencies presents my coursework in the context of professional standards as defined by the American Library Association (ALA). The core competencies which a professional librarian is expected to have mastered are described and then cross-referenced to one or more courses and projects which demonstrate my experience and ability with respect to that competency.

Featured Project highlights a project that particularly demonstrates skills in research and evaluation that will be important to me in my professional career.

Reflections is a personal statement that explores who I am and where I come from, how I came to choose the M.L.S. program, and where I think I am headed in my career.

Résumé describes my experience working in a variety of public and academic libraries beginning in November of 2005, and lists some of the highlights of my previous career as a software engineer.

Library 2.0 reflects just a few of my personal interests in Web 2.0 services and how they can be used by libraries to connect with their patrons.

About This Site describes a few of the challenges involved in "hand-written" HTML and CSS, and includes a site map.