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 Burger, T.N. (2007, January 22). Libraries facilitate open access to information with open source software

 Stencel, M. (2007, January). The Open-Minded Desktop: A Maryland library system shows that it's not just techies and geeks who can learn to love Linux.

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The items in a digital library may be text, images, audio, video, or a combination of all of these. At various phases of the project, different tools and applications may be needed. Browse the collection according to the following topics:

Project Management Text Manipulation Image Manipulation
Audio File Manipulation Video File Manipulation Metadata Generators
Web Development Integrated Digital Library Tools

Project Management

Project Management includes planning schedules and budgets, and coordinating the work of a team where each member has been assigned responsibility for different aspects of the project.



Text Manipulation

In keeping with the spirit of open source software, text resources should not be presented to the user in a closed, proprietary format that requires a proprietary application or tool to view. Whenever possible, textual resources should be presented in HTML or PDF format. While PDF is a proprietary format, it is also an open format. There are several tools and services for converting other formats to PDF, and Adobe Reader is free.



Image Manipulation



Audio File Manipulation



Video File Manipulation 



Metadata Generators



Website Development Tools 

  • FileZilla–Publish your digital library to the Web
  • FreeFind–Add a custom search function to your website
  • Free-Php–Add functionality with PHP scripts
  • Nvu–WYSIWYG HTML editor
  •–Can save documents in HTML, XHTML, or XML.
  • phpBB–Add a discussion forum to your website
  • Your Public Library–Many public libraries have public access computers configured with software that can save documents in HTML. Some proprietary applications that can do this are MS Word and Publisher.



Integrated Digital Library Tools

Several applications have been developed that integrate all of the functions to collect, index, search, browse, host, and display digital libraries.




Discussion Forums




The Digital Library Workbench has been constructed by Sharon M. Foster as the Final Project for ILS 655, Digital Libraries, offered at Southern Connecticut State University, Summer 2007,
and taught by Dr. Yan Quan Liu.
Comments, updates, and suggestions for additions to sharon at
Last updated 26 July 2007