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 Burger, T.N. (2007, January 22). Libraries facilitate open access to information with open source software

 Stencel, M. (2007, January). The Open-Minded Desktop: A Maryland library system shows that it's not just techies and geeks who can learn to love Linux.

 Gasperson, T. (2006, October 4). Library system migrates from Linux -- to more Linux.

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The Digital Library Workbench is a catalog of software tools and services for collecting, building, and distributing digital libraries. This site was developed to fulfill the final project requirement of ILS655, Digital Libraries, held online at Southern Connecticut State University in the Summer 2007 session, and taught by Dr. Yan Quan Liu. The target audience for this Library is my classmates, other ILS students, and librarians everywhere who have limited financial resources for building digital libraries. All the tools and services collected here are available for free (as in “free beer”) or at relatively low cost. Many of them are also open source (free as in “free speech”) and therefore customizable for special applications.



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The Digital Library Workbench has been constructed by Sharon M. Foster as the Final Project for ILS 655, Digital Libraries, offered at Southern Connecticut State University, Summer 2007,
and taught by Dr. Yan Quan Liu.
Comments, updates, and suggestions for additions to sharon at
Last updated 26 July 2007